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Happy October 1st people! It's officially acceptable to start decorating for Halloween! In fact, I've already started. I swear, decorating for the Holidays is 10 times more fun with a child! So, stay tuned for an obnoxious overload of photos. In the words of Pinhead, 'We have such sights to show you!' Muhahahaha!

Our weekend was very low-key. We went to a wedding, and hung locally for the first full Fall weekend. You already know that included drinking lots of pumpkin flavored coffee and lattes to celebrate National Coffee Day, playing in the newly fallen leaves, and a repeat weekend of fresh guac and turkey chili. I think we're going to make that a Fall weekend tradition! I don't hear my husband objecting. 
the bread is bigger than his head but that didn't stop him from chomping away
doesn't he look like he's about to do something sneaky...
he drinks like a pro...as all pros should!
DIY gold skulls I painted and a black candle from Tarjay (a.k.a Target) - let the festivities begin!!!!

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