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We spent a day at a farm in Upstate New York, north of New York City, two weekends ago. This was our first time hitting up Fishkill Farms and we loved it. We wanted a place to go where we could enjoy ourselves and avoid the city crowds and a huge bonus was that it turned out to be the ideal setting for picturesque fall foliage which I go completely gaga over. Our initial intent was to solely go apple picking, but as soon as we arrived we saw the pumpkin patch was throwing pumpkins at us so it turned into a 2-for-1. 
The morning started out foggy and misty, but shortly after gave way to overcast skies. The forecast didn't stop us or anyone else from going; in fact, I found it to be the ideal weather for picking because it wasn't too hot or too cold. As reviews suggested, we got there pretty early to avoid the crowds or lines. It may have been because of the weather but the farm was not overly packed with hoards of people thank God, so it seemed we went on a perfect day. The farm hosts a live band, barbecue food, and livestock on the weekends and it looked like some locals go there just for that...and the hot cider donuts! Can't say I blame them. 
(someone knows where the good stuff is)
We purchased only 1/2 a dozen of these ahm-azing hot cider donuts, half plain and half cinnamon sugar. Such amateurs! Next time, we are just going face first into a dozen cinnamon sugar ones! These need to be eaten as soon as possible (if they are lucky enough to make it into the car) because they are made fresh right on the farm and after a few days, they start getting stale. Getting them to that point is against all that is holy. 
The best part about the Fishkill orchard is that the trees are low enough where you don't really need poles. We didn't see anyone really using the poles, nor any kids needing one. I'm sure when Noah gets tall enough, he'll be doing his own picking. The orchards are beautiful, clean, well-maintained and plentiful. 
The mountainous views are amazing, and there are no lengthy walks to get to the apples. Each apple variety has its own section and you drive up in your car, exit the vehicle where you want to pick, and return to your vehicle when you are done. And repeat. They even have a section where they harvest organic fruits. We felt like we had the place to ourselves, save for a few people, because of the rolling hills and endless rows of apple trees. It was the peaceful, quiet atmosphere we were looking for. IMG_5148
What I loved most was how family-friendly the farm is. Noah loved running through the trees, pointing at apples, and picking up the golden leaves. I'm creating a nature-loving animal, just like me! 

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  1. Thank you for such a great description of your time at Fishkill Farms, I've been wanting to go but didn't know if I could manage a lot of walking. You explain things so beautifully, I now can't wait to go and maybe even pick some of my own apples! Wonderful pictures, excellent, descriptive writing about your experience and an adorable little model!

    1. You are so very welcome! It is now our go to farm. If you do go, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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