{long} weekend in pictures

mom and son
How was everyone's long weekend? Only 16 more days until Halloween! Are you ready? The three of us have like 1/3 of our costume; so together we have a whole! Seriously, we better get our shit together. I've been so focused on decorating our place that costume planning has fallen by the wayside. Now that I'm satisfied with how our decorations look, I have some researching to do. 
My frye boots look as good as the day I got them! Can you tell these babies are 4 years young!? Frye boots are like fine wine, they truly get better with age and are worth every damn penny. And can I tell you how perfect they are for running after a toddler at IKEA all day!? Truly. 

I love this city
Sunset view of the Bay from Brooklyn 
My boy is such a little man...he finds climbing steps entertaining. :) Which begs the question, when exactly do we lose our innocence and become so cynical and nasty?! Buuuuut, that's a story for another day. 
Apple Picking=Apple Overload=Apple Crisp

By the way, please help me in wishing my little blog here a happy 2nd anniversary! Thank you loyalists for sticking with me here, reading my crazy talk day after day, and coming back for more! I'm sending each and every one of you a virtual hug. Spread the love! 

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