weekend recap

i'm in lurrrrve
loving my J.Crew fan necklace {sold out}
coffee table diaries
i could live in here every. damn. day.
i'm wearing a polo ralph lauren bikini and kate spade sunglasses
can you say tan!?? 

O happy day loves! How was your weekend? We experienced a heatwave here in New York! With the humidity matching the temperatures, we ran to the pool yesterday to cool off. The pools were packed with people attempting to beat the heat, rightfully so. Our little guy had so much fun splashing around, as little babies can only do, and meeting little friends. With his little swim outfit, he was the brightest and most stylish kid at the pool. The heat and pool always make my energy soar....downward. As much as I love swimming, all that frolicking in the water really zaps a girl's energy...err, and makes me hungry! As soon as we got in yesterday, I had some gelato and called it a night. I attempted to read but very quickly the book was looking back at me as I dozed off. The way today is going looks like it'll be a repeat performance tonight. *yawn*

Hope you had a productive day! 

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