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Healthy Indulgences
I've been following a fairly "clean" way of eating for the past few years and try to eat as healthy as I can. Not only because I am conscious of what I put into my body but also because it really makes me feel better. But sometimes, a girl has to have a cupcake...or two! Yes, in the same sitting....don't judge me. But if I do, I try and use healthier ingredients. For example, substituting all purpose flour for whole wheat and replacing oil for applesauce. 
I spend alot of time researching and reading package labels so I can feed my family the best, wholesome ingredients that it sometimes feels like a job. But, I have found a few products that we keep religiously in the house and what I refer to as 'healthy indulgences' - basically items that are actually good for you, but are made with healthier ingredients. 
I'm sharing a few of these products in the event there is someone else out there that is looking to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle. 

One - Justin's vanilla almond butter is so simply satisfying - I like to put it on sliced bananas or apples, on gluten-free waffles, or on vegetables and in smoothies. It's vegan, dairy and gluten free. So delicious! 

Two - Another Justin's favorite: organic peanut butter cups. They are so decadent and rich they can't possibly be healthy...but they are! 

Three - Chocolate milk is a comfort food (or drink) for most. It reminds me of my childhood when my mom used to make us Ovaltine. Yum! Silk's Chocolate Almond Milk is a favorite of mine when I want that chocolate taste but don't want to add calories - I generally prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them. It's perfect for a post-run snack as well as helps rebuild the muscles. 

Four - Van's waffles are so delicious for breakfast, or even as a snack. I prefer them with Almond Butter (number one), sliced raw almonds, fresh fruit, and a drizzle of agave. Sooo good! By the way, get a $1 off coupon or fill out a quick survey and get a free coupon to try the waffles. 

FiveSo Delicious is an appropriate name for this creamy decadence. Dairy-free, Gluten and Soy Free; this almond milk ice cream is so delicious and tastes like the real thing, minus all the added calories and fat. I have yet to try the Almond Milk Mocha Almond Fudge but it is top on my list. I also want to try their Coconut Milk products. They are sold at Whole Food's and other health food stores. 

SixTrader Joe's has some really good stuff. One of which are these Veggie and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips. They are low in calories and the flaxseed boasts fiber and heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. Pass the chip! 

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