flea market sunday

Sundays were meant for flea markets! Now that the warmer weather is here, going to the flea markets on Sundays has become a weekly thing. It is one of my favorite things to do because there are so many cool items you can find, and I am a sucker for vintage. Here are a few tips when heading to your local flea market.


  • Arrive early. You never want to miss out on the best pieces, so arriving early will ensure you get first dibs. By noon, chances are there will be a crowd. So arriving early will give you the best chances at leaving with quality pieces and there is almost nothing that feels better than scoring on unique and great merchandise. 
  • Wear comfortable footwear. As much as I love my heels, I always leave them behind when going to the market. You want to wear comfortable flats, sandals, or sneakers (Converse is my go-to) as you'll be doing lots of walking and sometimes the conditions aren't heel-friendly. Think crowds, gravel, and if you have to drag your items home on public transportation you want to be comfortable.  
  • Bring cash. Although there seem to be a growing number of vendors that are accepting credit cards, most still do not; like the fresh produce section. So be sure to stop by the ATM on your way to the market. You don't want to find yourself missing out on a great item if you have to run to the ATM while you are there. 
  • Bring your appetite. Depending on which market you go to, most all today have the best local food vendors. It's a great way to feed your appetite without having to leave the flea in search of somewhere to eat. Plus, you get to "sample" local restaurants.
  • Travel light. Bring a backpack or shoulder bag filled with sunscreen, water, money, and a hat for cover. If you know you are looking for an oversized item, pack a tape measure. You don't want to be weighed down by extra items and you will need room for the goodies you just bought. 
  • Stay focused. If you know what items you are going for, keep focused on those items. If it's a big market, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly especially if there is a crowd. I usually go with a list of stuff I am looking for and stay focused on that. Overall, go with an open mind to bargain and most of all HAVE FUN
American Eagle Outfitters blouseUrban Outfitters bandeau bravintage diy Levi's boyfriend shorts. J.Crew leopard belt {old}. Report Signature sandals. J.Crew Factory necklace and bracelet. Kate Spade sunglasses. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid in Electric Orange.  Essie Hip-Anema and Blanc nails.  
Photos by Larry Vila

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