happy {memorial day} weekend

TGIF people! Is everyone looking forward to the long weekend? Any special plans besides the typical backyard and park barbecues (yum!)? If your plans involve the pool, beach, sand, or water; consider me envious! Although the beaches open this weekend (can i get a woot!) unfortunately the weather here in NY won't be pool or beach-worthy although I'm sure that won't stop some people. And if you are taking advantage of all the Memorial Day shopping sales, TAKE ME WITH YOU! But on a more serious note, with everyone getting away for the holiday weekend and making plans for debauchery in the form of libations (that'd be me!), it's easy to forget the real meaning of what this holiday means. It's more than just a day off from work, or an excuse to eat food and drink, or take a road trip...it is observed so we can remember all of our fallen heroes. Those who were brave enough to fight for our country so we can enjoy the freedom and independence we do today. Take a moment this weekend and salute them. 
Ok, now that I went all boring on you...go ahead and enjoy yourselves. Class is dismissed. :) 


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