{long} weekend recap

margarita night with the girls on friday
banana, oatmeal and vanilla protein powder shake
gwyneth paltrow's grilled fajitas with guac + spicy salsa. yum! 
beet me to the punch juice
Happy Hump Day friends! How was everyone's long weekend? Fabulous, I hope! These are just a few of a ton of photos I took this past weekend. I hope to get them all uploaded soon to show them all to you. It looks like things will finally be heating up around here starting tomorrow; we are talking temps in the 80's and 90's the next two days into the weekend. Looks like Mother Nature decided to skip right past Spring this year. Not surprised! For me, the ideal weather would be 70's, breezy, bright and lots and lots of sunshine. I am so sun dependent it's not even funny. I need VITAMIN D for full mental functioning. Sure, I like my rainy days just like the rest of them - - rainy days are perfect to recharge, stay in and cuddle up all day, and watch movie marathons; but rainy day after rainy day after rainy day (you get the picture) gets old really quickly. Last time I checked I wasn't living in Seattle. So when the forecast calls for sunshine, I get giddy just like a 5-year old and my hearts swells. The small things that make me happy, I tell you. And in typical me fashion, I am already fast forwarding my week and thinking about the exciting weekend ahead. I'm sure I'm not the only one. :) 

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