weekend recap

{lovin' my white bell alarm clock}
{i can't get enough of this vanilla protein smoothie. delish!}
{all that glitters IS gold}
{weekend details. nailed by essie!}
{working on a design project for up and coming biz. ya heard it here first!}
{"I don't always drink beer; but when I do, I drink Dos Equis. Stay thirsty, my friends"}
{what's a birthday without some chocolate cake}

Happy Monday loves! Sorry, I should have warned you this post was pic heavy. My weekend was very eventful complete with amazing weather. It started with some heavy interaction with my MacBook and quickly turned into a laundry day complete with a mani and pedi. Sunday we headed into Queens for brunch at a beer garden to help celebrate my friend's birthday. The day started out with sunshine that I swore was only for me but it quickly burst my bubble and reminded me that it's still not summer. Boooo! But the balmy weather sure was nice while it lasted. Despite us having to rush indoors because of the unforgiving wind, a great time was had by all. My favorite moments are surrounded by good friends and family, laughter, lots of food and liquid refreshments in the form of alcohol. ;) 

Have a great 'only four more days 'til Friday' Monday.  

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