these are my confessions

I thought it would be fun to tell you a little more about me. It's one thing to post day-to-day outfits, pretty pictures and the likes but it's another to find out more about the person behind the blog. What makes the person tick, what are they like in real life. Consider this a little glimpse into my world. Hope this doesn't make you run away. 

1. I have a crude and lewd sense of humor. I find that some women cringe, some can appreciate it, others just don't know what to do with me. Larry the hubby falls in the appreciative type category. When I knew that, I knew he was a keeper. In fact, out of the  two of us I most definitely push the envelope in the crude department. Muhahahaha! 

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes, coffee, bread and nail polish. In no particular order. 

3. I have "stumps" for legs and arms. Yeah, I know you couldn't tell from my pictures. ;) Although I poke fun at my vertically challenged self, I really couldn't see myself any other way. The way I see it, there's no better excuse to wear high heels! And we all know how much I love those. 
4. I am passionate, strong minded, and opinionated. I am a small girl with a huge personality. Forget what you heard. 

5. I hold a seriously low tolerance for ignorance, drama and bullshit. The end. 
6. I am such a brand whore but I never pay full price. Bargains are what makes this girl happy. I will scour the internet to look for an item I want until I find the lowest price. It's a skill {or sickness, depending on how you look at it} I mastered when I was old enough to get a paying job and buy my own things.
7. I love to poke fun at people. I laugh alot. I love people who make me laugh. I am a big joker. The comedic streak runs in my family. We show our love for each other by busting each other's balls. Seriously. When they start poking fun at you, it's because you've been inducted into the family. 

8. If you believe in horoscopes, I'm of the Capricorn sign. Alot of the characteristics of the sign do apply to me, but some do not. I am very tough and determined; when I want something I do not stop until I get it {helps alot with #6}. I'm proud but not too proud where I don't admit when I'm wrong. If you want my honest opinion about something, you will get it. I do not sugar coat anything; this will cause some hurt feelings but I believe honesty truly is the best policy. I don't see the point of lying to someone if it will only hurt them in the long run. Sensitive people need not apply. 

9. I enjoy spoiling myself and never have buyer's remorse. I think it's mainly because I am not an impulse buyer; I almost always have a purpose behind my purchases. There is nothing in my closet that you will find I have never worn or that I still have the tags on for. I find that unholy! 

10. I'm very random and I break into dance moves and bust out tunes in {and out} the shower more often than I care to admit. Ha! 

11. I have an irrational fear of others close to me dying. I have this silly notion that God put me on this earth for the sole purpose of saving all of my loved ones from a catastrophe or an untimely death. Ok not really; but can you imagine what a burden this is. Do you really blame me for drinking so much wine?! 

12. Up until about 8 years ago, the only form of exercise I did was on my commute from the bus stop to my car. Yep, I disliked any form of exercise and I had an ass to prove it people. That is, until I joined a salsa class with my friend on a whim 8 years ago; it completely transformed me and my body. From then on, I went buck wild and started eating healthier, began a regular yoga & pilates practice, tried out hot yoga {a.k.a bikram} and loved it. I also started bicycling, weight training, running, kickboxing and even tried out Zumba. Talk about overdosing. I like to say that I workout so I can eat but I truly enjoy exercising and love the energy it gives me. I like to switch it up and keep my body guessing and I'll try anything at least once. But I do tend to stick to my favorites and the exercises I know work for my body {read: ass} . 

13. I'm a receipt hoarder. I have no idea why. In my irrational mind, I always think: I may have to return something at some point. Which makes no sense considering I am a tryer-oner and don't regret my purchases {see #9}. I told you it was irrational. I'm working on this. 

14. I always expect more from people and then am disappointed when they fall short of those expectations. Because I am dependable, it's almost default for me to think the same of others. Silly me. 

15. I dream of one day living on a tropical island, waking up with the sunrise, having my breakfast out on the patio with the breeze blowing softly on my face, preferably within walking distance to the beach. How I will fund this living I haven't the slightest clue but a girl can dream can't she? 

16. I was in a spelling bee in the 8th grade. I lost; but to this day I'm a stickler for misspelled words. 

17. I love getting lost in my own thoughts. My form of therapy, if you will. 

18. I don't take myself too seriously; so you shouldn't either. I'm a person who jokes around alot and not everyone gets me especially those that don't know me well. There's a pretty good chance we'll never be good friends.  

19. I am very loyal to my true friends, family and lovers. Ummm, lover - I only have one. But for real, I got yo back! 

20. I love New York unconditionally and passionately. I like to think its mutual. 

And there you have it; if you stuck around until now I thank you. Merci. 

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