sweet simplicity

purple brownstone in the west village

Happy Thursday, bloggies. This week has been a busy one and I definitely thrive on busy. We took Noah to his first baseball game at Yankee Stadium this week and although we thought he was going to be a fussy butt, he turned out to be the complete opposite. He was in complete awe at seeing "little men" running around on the grass (as they looked from our seat viewpoint). We are definitely looking forward to our next game and although he can't yet verbalize it, I'm sure he is too. Yesterday, I took my Stuart Weitzman wedges out for a walk to the Live With Kelly & Michael show. Not only was it May Day, apparently it was also Lei Day in Hawaii. :) I wonder how many babies were conceived in Hawaii last night!? Ahem! Moving on. So, my girlfriends and I had such a good time and it was great seeing how really nice they are in person. Kelly is definitely tinier in person (i'm pretty sure i could have fit her in my pocket) and Michael looks exactly the same as he does on TV. He's crapinyourpants funny! 

New York is looking especially charming lately, and there are flowers blooming up everywhere. I would ideally take photos of each and every single tree and flower I come across, but I think after awhile it would get awfully boring and monotonous. On that note, what is most definitely not boring is ending the week with some chit-chat and girl time at Aria tomorrow. Let's hear it for Fridays. 
i love spring and its blooms
abandoned and rusted train car
sriracha veggie fried rice

Happy 'it's almost friday so let's get stoopid' Thursday! 

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  1. That purple brownstone really stands out from the rest. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  2. Hi Rosa, thanks for visiting my blog :) Yours is great - reading this post I realized you're from NYC and I'm green of envy! :D I would die to be right there in the West Village right now :) I'm following you now, all the best!
    xx Lara

    1. Hi Lara, great to have you here. :) New York welcomes you anytime. Take care!


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