weekend recap


How was your weekend? This was one of the best weekends on record, so much so, we were sad to see it go by so quickly. *sad face* We took Noah apple and pumpkin picking up in the Hudson Valley, or north of New York City on Saturday. The day started out foggy and a little rainy, but it was actually the perfect weather for going out to the farm because it later turned cool and overcast. I'm sorry but hot, steamy days are not ideal conditions for picking in my opinion. Fall picking should be met with Fall weather, feel me? I would take days spent like this with my boys any day. Carefree days spent up in the valley watching the colorful leaves roll by outside my window, munching on apple cider donuts, picking out the juiciest apples and the biggest pumpkins, watching my baby run around absorbing new surroundings, warm my very soul. We vow to have more days like this. 

My Sunday went something like this: lounge in pj pants, eat, drink, watch a little football, nap, repeat. We all should have more days like this. Perfect end to the weekend if I do say so myself. ;) 

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