weekend recap

shining bright like a diamond in J.Crew
girls' night
pushing noah in the swing
hubby and me
his + her chucks

Happy Monday loves! How was your weekend? I spent Friday night with the girls, sans husband and baby, at Cavo Lounge in my old neighborhood. It felt good to be back there. I spent two years living in Astoria with my roommate and friend before meeting Larry. It was two years full of memories, great experiences, late nights and firsts so I hold those memories close to me. Astoria will always have a special place in my heart. But I digress. It turned out to be a great late night filled with lots of dancing and drinks. We spent the weekend at the park, strolling through our neighborhood, running errands, sleeping in, last minute shopping among other things. The weather this weekend was mixed; Saturday was the perfect weather with a high of 75 with a cool breeze but Sunday was off and on rain which is always great for sleeping and a great excuse for being lazy. We are heading to Lake George this week, we have a few stops we want to make and it'll be a first for us so if you have any recommendations on what to do or see while we are there please shoot me an email or write it in the comments. Thanks! :)

Have a great day!!! 

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