Happy Friday loves! What are you all up to this weekend? Our little family will be going to Family Day at Coney Island tomorrow and we are looking forward to lots of fun! The last time I rode the Cyclone Roller Coaster or any ride at Coney for that matter was when I was an itty bitty. The little kid in me comes out at amusement parks. The rest of the weekend will be played by ear, depending on the weather. It seems to be changing by the hour. Oh Mother Nature, you sure do have a silly sense of humor! 

      A look back at this week...

              - registered for my first ever 5K run at the end of July. I'm pumped and anxious!
              - i've been playing this song on repeat. it's just so damn catchy and not to mention 
                perfect for a running playlist.  
              - finally tried these veggie burgers and now my quest in finding the best veggie 
                burger can cease.
              - i've been busy planning Noah's 1st birthday party. follow me on instagram to 
                follow along. 
              - something about this photo makes me so happy. 
              - i'm pretty much going to channel this outfit inspiration for most of the summer!
              - loved reading this post on fashion staples that are worth the splurge. completely 
              - who will be tuning in to the CFDA Awards live coverage next week>FASHION.
              - loved reading this article on leather saving tips. 
              - i have been eyeing this top for quite some time. i love the whimsical print! 

   Have a great weekend! 

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