happy friday

{multigrain waffle with almond butter and agave, fresh apples + morning latte}

Happy Freaky Friday! The weekend is within reach. What are you all up to for the off days? All I'm looking forward to is relaxing {read: drink wine!} and we will wing the rest. You all know that's my favorite type of weekend. This week was emotionally draining after what happened in Boston. But in happier news, I took Noah to a Mommy & Baby Yoga Class this week and we had so much fun! I definitely recommend it for all you mommas with little ones. Bonus: a super tired baby by 7pm. For those of you who've asked, the juicing is going very well. I have lost *some inches and a few pounds since I incorporated it into my daily meals and am loving the way I am feeling. My skin definitely feels hydrated. I will be sharing a more detailed account in an upcoming post. For now, hope you all have a great weekend. See you back here on Monday.



*combined with a healthy diet and exercise

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