sweet simplicity

{I love colored doors or doors that are not the norm and the West Village is full of them}
{met my friend for lunch at Cafe Minerva}
all images by me, Rosa Vila

In New York City, there is never a shortage of places to eat or stuff to see. In my lifetime I won't ever see all the places or eat at all the restaurants this city has to offer but I would like to come pretty damn close. Since I received my DSLR for Christmas, all I've done is snap pictures of well...everything. There is nothing that is off limits. I love capturing different sights, nature, and just see the beauty in the everyday. And this city is so charming, that there is always something to capture. The way we all see the world is unique and hopefully you are able to see mine through my photos. I hope that by sharing my everyday photos and doing more of these posts, I am able to share my perspective.  I simply love this city. 

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