review: essie nail polish

{Essie's Hip-Anema} 

As I said last week, I had a chance to test out my new Essie colors and these are my truthful opinions of each. Hip-Anema is a bright, poppy red-orange color that is absolutely perfect for Spring and Summer. It is stunning, and I have quite a few reds in my collection but none like this one. It is very similar in tone to Snap Happy, except Hip-Anema leans more towards an orange tint and has more of a pop. I used two coats in my application, and it was more than sufficient coverage on my nails. The end application was very glossy and shiny. I am definitely happy I picked this one up. 

{Essie's Go Ginza}

Now, Go Ginza was a totally different application. The color is a pretty, and very pigmented pastel pink lavender. It is perfect for Easter and the Spring. It is a very pretty shade once applied, but just like other pigmented colors I have an issue with, this one took 3 applications before it looked decent. It went on very streaky which is why I tend to stay away from these types of polishes. I will definitely use it again; but I'll make sure I have sufficient time to dry all 3 applications. 

Overall, I think Essie did well with their new Madison Avenue Hue Collection. I will be picking up the Madison Ave Hue next. I love that this collection draws from six different chic fashion and shopping hubs around the world. I also like that it ranges in colors from vibrant, eye-popping shades to more pastel, softer hues. 

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