current obsessions

ONE: This Chanel No.5 Print is to die for!
TWO: This horn has plenty of style and pizzazz.
THREE: I need a few of these skulls for every room in my home.
FOUR: This candle has plenty of charm and doubles as a statement piece when closed.
FIVE: Who doesn't like studs!? I think I will need these in every color available. 
SIX: This urchin is not from the sea but looks oh so pretty set atop a desk or a stack of books. 
SEVEN: Serious arm hardware that can double as a weapon, anyone?! 
EIGHT: A nice spin to the traditional metal bar cart
NINE: This watch dresses up any outfit, simple or not. 

There is something to be said about this list. They all seem to have these things in common: shiny, edgy and the colors gold or black. I seem to be drawn to these colors more so, lately. In shoes {studs!!}, jewelry, home decor, and clothing. If I could, I would snatch all of these items up in a heartbeat. 

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