where were you...

...when Flight 11 hit the First Tower {the North Tower} on September 11, 2001 at 8:46 a.m.? I remember where I was. At work just finishing up my morning coffee and I had just finished complaining to my coworker about how little sleep I got the night before. In retrospect, it seems so petty and minute compared to what was about to happen...an event that would forever change the history of America and New York. Funny enough, I was usually running late to work and that morning I was early. I still remember it like it was yesterday; frantically pacing the floors of my office at the time waiting to hear back from my cousin who worked in the Second Tower, later walking across the Manhattan Bridge with thousands of other commuters because city transit was shut down, praying and hoping that cell phone service would be restored so that I could get in touch with someone familiar. I never want to relive that moment, but it stays with me no matter how many years go by or how much life changes. It's like a bad wound, the scars always remain. I cannot begin to imagine how the families and friends of those forever affected felt after losing their loved ones in the attacks. 

On that day, we stood united and here we are 11 years later....and still, we never forget.

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  1. It's incredible, 10 years and I still remember that day perfect.


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