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tracy reese
Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: J Brand | Shoes: Tracy Reese {on sale now!} | Clutch: vintage Louis Vuitton
Jewelry: Lydell NYC chain {similar}; ASOS, Etsy and Forever 21 bracelets; Alexander McQueen ring

I love this time of year. The mornings are cooler, during the day the sun is hot and steaming, and as the sun drops behind the horizon to signal sunset, a nice cool breeze wafts in through the window. I nod my head because this feeling is very familiar: Fall is most assuredly almost here. This was exactly my thought a few days ago when I wore this outfit. During the day, it was pretty humid and the sun was scorching but as soon as 5pm hit, we noticed the slight temperature drop - enough to bring chills to my legs in shorts. Will that make me pack away the shorts anytime soon? Negative. My compromise is to dust off the tights from last winter and pop them on underneath. Perfect example here

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