weekend recap

raspberry beer + chicken wangs
feelin' like the only black tulip in the bunch
he lights up my world
these whole wheat banana bread pancakes with vanilla-coconut glaze are the bomb-diggety and they're healthy
these candy machines bring back so many memories of trying to shake them to get more than one item when i was a wee child ;P
i'm on a seafood diet; when i see food i eat it
skull for cinco de mayo
pre-dranking shots for cinco de mayo

O' Happy Day loves! How was your weekend? I'm sure I have telepathic abilities because I could swear I heard you all say: short. Or maybe that was just me projecting. Anywho, I'm looking forward to this week because I have alot on my plate; e.g. exciting things that I hope to share with you all soon. I hope you all got out for Cinco De Mayo yesterday. I like to say I'm Irish for St. Patrick's Day, Mexican for Cinco de Mayo and American for the 4th of July although technically I am American. Made you think! I figure all these holidays were made for us all to celebrate and enjoy. Right?! Right. We also went out with my mom for dinner at Maggiano's and the food tasted just like I remember. I love that place! We had our home wedding reception there almost three years ago and I swear they never disappoint. The plates are ginormous (see photo proof above) and it's always so damn tasty! If you ever go, I suggest you get the stuffed mushrooms or the stuffed artichoke. I'd say stuffed is appropriate being that's exactly how you leave there! You definitely get your stomach's worth. We have leftover for days. Take that, you nouveau restaurants that make me run to Five Guys right after!  

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