weekend recap

{started my weekend with a 'green monster' raw juice} 
{cocktails look so much better with a pretty coaster}
{this recipe. so delicious!} 
{tropical raw juice w/ pineapple, banana, lemon and cucumber}
{i want to go wherever they are going}

Happy Monday, readers! Hope your weekend was great. Mine was busy, but in a very good way. As you can tell from the photos, alot of it was spent eating. One of our favorite pastimes. :) Aside from stuffing our faces, we got out to enjoy the sunshine and the nice weather. After the winter we've had, Spring finally decided to show up! :) We spent Saturday at my nephew's 8th birthday party and I saw some family I hadn't seen in years. Yes, apparently it is possible to live in close proximity to people that share your bloodline and only see their faces at annual birthday parties. ;) We had a great time and the weather cooperated enough to let the children run around outside before the sun set.  Sunday was spent shopping, signing up for Wanderlust and my first Mommy + Baby Yoga class. A run to Whole Foods to pick up a few things was also in the cards, as well as an evening in to catch up on all of our missed shows on the DVR. 
This afternoon we went to the park along with all of New York City it seemed, as every bench was occupied with people out enjoying the 70 degree weather as well. Tomorrow, the meteorologists are promising 80 degree weather. Guess who's crossing every finger she owns?! 

Hope you had a productive {and warm} day where you are! 

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