strawberry fields

GAP Bubble Vest {old as dirt}. Zara Shirt + Leggings. KangaROOS Sneakers {old}. H+M faux fur scarf. 
Kate Spade Sunglasses. MAC Candy Yum-Yum Lips. Essie Lights Nails. 
Photos by Larry Vila

{Not So} Happy Tuesday loyals! I'm presently running on 5 hours of sleep so I'm not particularly witty or chatty today. A first for me! :p But I will leave you with this: I found these ROOS sneakers during our spring cleaning this past weekend as I was digging through piles and piles (...and endless piles) of shoes, boots, and sneakers. I bought these a few summers ago with the intention of wearing them with short-shorts. In the past, I never wore sneakers beyond commuting, to exercise, or a quick run to the store. This is mainly because I have stumps for legs. I'm short, and the last thing I want to feel is shorter. Being a shawty, I much prefer the happiness that a heel provides me {I think it can and let's keep it that way mmmk?!}. 
But, short be damned, I popped these puppies on as soon as I dusted off the err, dust and went along my merry way to play outdoors. Moral of the story: I own way too much shit. 

Have a Happier Tuesday than I!

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