weekend recap

{coffee table book browsing}
{new j.crew purchases}
{saturday brunch: baked eggs w/ spinach, artichoke + wild mushrooms}
{mere words cannot express how i feel about this little guy; i simply adore him}

How was your weekend? Mine was fabulous, just like the weather we experienced. It was in the 50's both days and when the temps call for anything above 40 everyone comes out of hiding. The parks, the stores, cafes, and the streets were filled with people; out enjoying the sunshine. We took advantage of the nice weather and headed out to brunch, do a little shopping, and we explored the city; one of our favorite things to do. We are creating a monster with Noah because he enjoys being outside more than we do. Very soon, we'll be able to enjoy the outdoors more often, once the warmer weather rolls in. I love that there is an energy in the air that promises Spring is just around the corner. That makes me excited. It's the little things! :)

Hope you are all having a productive day! 

Photos 1 - 4 by me, Rosa Vila
Photo 5 by Larry Vila

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend, hope the week will be perfect!


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