colorblocking brights

Michael Kors Faux Fur Vest {old}. J.Crew Chambray {old, but similar} + Floral Blouse. 
Paige Jeans {old, but similar}. Zara Pumps {old, but similar). vintage Louis Vuitton clutch. Neff beanie. Ray Ban sunglasses. J.Crew Chain Necklace. J.Crew + Stella & Dot bracelets. American Apparel Lopez Canyon Nails. MAC Candy Yum Yum Lips. 
All images by Larry Vila

I am on a serious color kick lately. This, coming from a girl, whose entire wardrobe up until recently consisted of mainly muted, earth tone colors and lots of black. Don't get me wrong, my closet still does contain lots of these colors but now I'm also incorporating bright, cheery colors as well as flashier elements reminiscent of Spring and Summer. My most recent purchase consisted of gold glitter flats! Say wha?! Like my husband jokingly says: "where is my wife and what did you do to her?" :)
I have to thank this blog for my evolution, so to speak. Since I started it, I see how my style has evolved and matured. I can see what works on me, and what doesn't and adjust accordingly. I love that, because I am now experimenting with styles and colors I never would have dreamed of a few years ago. Like Karl Lagerfield one said: "Fashion is about two things: the evolution and the opposite."

O' Happy Day! 

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  1. I like how colourblocking looks but I can't do the same T^T

    1. Hi! It's not as tough as it looks. Try keeping the rest of the ensemble basic, like all black and adding a pop of color in your accessories and shoes. Give it a try :). Thanks for stopping by!


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