weekend recap

{when life hands you lemons...}
{much needed stop @ Dunkin' Donuts} 
{healthier version of french toast w/ fruit}
{vintage faux fur + Tiffany leather gloves for the brisk temps we've been experiencing}  
{part of my son's room that we tackled over the weekend}

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? Larry and I tackled the baby's room this weekend and it is almost complete; stepped out for some happiness at Dunkin' which is only a few blocks from the apartment {love}; made my go-to french toast with lots of fresh fruits and a sprinkle of powdered sugar; and broke out my vintage faux fur and butter soft Tiffany leather gloves, both of which I never got to wear last year due to an unseasonably warm winter. It is currently snowing in the city today, so it looks like winter has finally arrived. 

Whatever your destination today, hope it is safe and productive. :)

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