yellow dots + leopard


This particular day called for something very casual to meet up with friends in the city for lunch. Afterwards, we took a stroll through SoHo {one of our favorite 'hoods} with the baby. We are beyond excited to show him the best sights of the city but realize he won't be able to truly appreciate the beauty of it all until he's older. We hope that he loves New York as much as we do! In the meantime, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy it for him. [smile]

Blazer: Zara | Jeans: Zara | Tee: ADAM 
Boots: Frye | Belt: J.Crew {similar} |  Scarf: J.Crew {similar
Jewelry: J.Crew and Groopdealz Bracelets; vintage necklace

Friends, I must confess I initially did not walk out of the house with my scarf this way. But after Noah spit up on my blazer, I had to cover up the not-so-pretty spots. After styling it this way, I realized I kind of liked it. Hey, a mom {and fashionista} always has to be prepared and be ready to make quick adjustments. I'm learning as I go. [wink]

On another note, I cannot express how much I love these Frye boots. I don't wear them enough on the blog, but they are my go-to when I want to step up a casual outfit. I've had them for 2 years now, and they were worth every single penny. And what do they say about Frye boots? Like fine wine, the older they get, the better they become. 

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