happy 3 months, noah!

3 months, baby, Noah, birthday

3-month Milestones:
Smiling + Chuckling
Makes direct eye contact
Holds the bottle with little assistance
Loves when we point to him in the mirror
Recognizes only Mommy and Daddy
Sleeping through the night (hallelujah!)
Starting to grab items that are within reach
He found his hands and loves to play with them
Tries to roll over by himself
Tries to push off + pitch forward by himself
Makes lots of baby noises: cooing, grunting, "singing"
You are Mommy and Daddy's treasure. Every day, we love seeing how much you're growing and you just continually amaze us with what you can do already at only 3 months. We already know you are going to be a little comedian. You love silly faces that we make and you love when Mommy dances like a leunatic and you chuckle heartedly. :) You love when we give you lots of kisses, I think you are going to be very affectionate. We can't wait to show you the world, but please don't grow too fast because we can't handle it {ok, maybe Mommy can't}. :) 

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