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I've built my dream closet in my mind countless times and tried to figure out how to dream it into life. I've always fantasized about having my own custom made closet one day to store my zillion pairs of shoes, my mountain of clothes and the endless supply of coats, jewelry and bags that are presently overstuffed in my closet. What girl doesn't dream of a closet that resembles a small boutique? 
And, who can forget Carrie Bradshaw's walk-in closet on Sexy & the City 2?! Talk about closet envy! 

Huntington Beach contemporary closet

The Guests are Coming - Its time to Organize traditional closet
 above images by {houzz}

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  1. omg, these are absolutely ah-mazing. I'd settle for any of these :)

  2. I would love a room for my clothes, that would be really amazing.

  3. I would love to make that for you wife!

  4. Great closets. Can't wait until I have at least a bigger,neater closet than I do now.

  5. Super inspiring post!!!
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    Cosa mi metto???


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